Russian sugar news, Nov 22, 2021

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Russian retailers have received letters from a number of suppliers and manufacturers of confectionery products stating the upcoming price hike in the range of 5–20% due to the rise in prices for ingredients, including sugar.


As of November 22, 117 thousand hectares of sugar beet fields were harvested in the Voronezh region, the average yield is 36.76 MT/ha. The factories of the region have procured 3.65 million tons of sugar beet including 2.82 million tons already processed; 433 thousand tons of sugar produced. The sugar production yield is 15.5%; sucrose content - 18.13%.


The harvesting of sugar beets has been completed in the Belgorod region, the regional administration reports. More than 2 million tons of beets were harvested with average yield of 42.6 MT/ha, which is 6.8 MT/ha higher than last year figure.


As of November 21, the factories of the Krasnodar Territory produced over 1 million tons of sugar, which is already 200 thousand tons more than last year, the regional administration reports.



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