Sugar news from Russia and Belarus, Oct 20, 2021

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By October 15, 61 thousand hectares of sugar beet were harvested in the Kursk region, which makes 66% of the crop acreage. Bulk harvest makes 2.3 million tons; average yield – 38.3 MT/ha. The volume of beet processed has reached 1 million tons with 151 thousand tons of sugar produced. In the Nizhny Novgorod region, 7.7 thousand hectares of sugar beets were harvested (73% of the plan) by October 19, bulk harvest makes 152.6 thousand tons; average yield is 19.87 MT/ha. The expected gross harvest will amount to 226 thousand tons.  In 16 beet-growing regions of Bashkortostan, 34.9 thousand hectares of crop were harvested by October 19 - almost 96% of total acreage sown.


The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade does not expect an increase in sugar production in the coming years in the Russian Federation to reach a level of 2019 (7.3 million tons).


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of October 19, 2021, sugar beets harvested from 701.5 thousand hectares, total volume of beet collected in the country makes 27.1 million tons.


As of October 19, the Slutsk Sugar Refinery produced about 35 thousand tons of sugar from 384 thousand tons of beets, which is about 30% of the estimated production volume.



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