Russian and CIS sugar news, Sept 24, 2021

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As of September 23, 2021, 20% of the area of sugar beet has been harvested in Bashkiria, the republican Ministry of Agriculture reports.


The gross harvest of sugar beet will amount to about 40 million tons in Russia this year, which will allow loading sugar refineries, said State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ivan Lebedev.


Over forty-five thousand tons of sugar beet have been harvested In the Bryansk region. It is planned to collect more than 200 thousand tons total this yera. The average yield is about 34.0 MT/ha.


More than 53 thousand hectares were sown with sugar beet in the Belgorod region this year. Local farmers have already managed to harvest about 16% of the crop acreage.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of September 23, 2021, sugar beets were harvested from 252.6 thousand hectares; 9.3 million tons collected.


According to Belsakhar, as of September 24, 2021, all sugar factories are busy processing sugar beets of the new crop in Belarus, about 270 thousand tons of sugar beets have been procured including 252 thousand tons processed and 22.3 thousand tons of beet sugar produced. The sugar content of sugar beet at acceptance from the beginning of the season was 15.91%.


It is planned to produce about 50-52 thousand tons of sugar this season in Kyrgyzstan. This volume covers the annual domestic demand by 40-50%, said Azamat Mukashev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Regional Development of the Kyrgyz Republic.



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