Sugar market news from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova, July 05, 2021

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The Government of the Russian Federation has expanded the list of products, baned for import from Ukraine. The list includes among others, refined sugar, carbonated waters containing sugar, as well as sugar confectionery (including white chocolate).


The State Antimonopoly Committee has “carried out some work” with large retail chains so that they would reduce prices for sugar from 62-63 soms/kg (RUR 53.81-54.68/kg) to 55 soms/kg (RUR 47.74/kg). Similar "work" of the committee is planned with other segments of the retail sale of sugar.


As of June 28, more than 1,467 hectares of sugar beets were affected by rain and hail. In some areas, emergency commissions are still assessing the damage from the disaster.



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