Sugar news from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Jan 20, 2017

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Roshen Corporation (owned by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko) has decided to stop the operation of Lipetsk confectionery factory for economic and political reasons.


According to the list of areas of concessional lending published by the Ministry of Agriculture, the leasing facility may be used for the purchase of sugar beet, purchase of agricultural equipment, construction of sugar factories and infrastructure, plants for the production of sugar beet seeds.


According to the Federal Tax Service report, the tax burden of Gribanovsky sugar refinery owned by ASB Group of Yury Khokhlov, in the last three years was three times less than for other enterprises of Voronezh region. Representatives of the "ASB" say that earlier the interdepartmental commission has not found any violations.


According to the analytical service at Soyuzrossakhar, as of January 19, 2017 Russia has processed 44.8 million tons (in 2016 - 33.9 mln MT) of sugar beet and produced 5.9 million tons (in 2016 - 5.1 mln MT) of refined sugar. The expected volume of production of beet sugar from beet harvested in 2016 is estimated at 6.05 million tons, which is 16.9% higher than last year.


"Ukrtsukor" has expressed its disappointment over the introduction of new minimum prices for sugar and the quota for the supply of products to the domestic market, and has stated that the excessive government regulation of the sugar market does not contribute to the sustainable functioning of the sugar industry by market principles and prevents its further development.


Agro Holding "Astarta" has increased the production of sugar to 505 thousand tons by the end of 2016  (+ 42% year on year), according to the operating results of "Astarta".


Note. Data for export group 1701 HS Belarus has not yet been published by FCS and is missing from this analysis.

According to the analysis of the Belarus FCS data over 11 months (January - November) of 2016, the import of raw sugar has exceeded one and a half times the figures of 2015 and amounted to 258,000 tons, the main suppliers were Brazil and Cuba. Import of white sugar fell to 4877 tons (or 47% of 2015 imports), but imports grew for other sugars – 14 128 MT (120.1% compared to the same period of 2015). Export of molasses (77 894 tons) is 35% below the 2015, the export of sugar beet pulp rose by 24% to 39 110 tones.



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