Ukrainian sugar news, Dec 23, 2021

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Ukrainian agricultural enterprises have sold 5771 thousand tons of sugar in 2021, which is 11.6% less than in 11 months of 2020. Agrarians sold sugar at UAH 16895.1 / ton average (45.73 thousand rubles / ton) excluding VAT, transport, forwarding costs. Prices are 70% higher than last year.


The farmers of the Poltava region completed the harvesting of sugar beets from an area of almost 26 thousand hectares, 1.75 million tons of beets were collected. The average crop yield is 41.5 MT/ha (0.95 MT/ha higher than last year). Sugar beet is processed at four factories, today the regional enterprises have processed more than 1 million tons of beets and produced 166.5 thousand tons of sugar.



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