Sugar news from Russia and Belarus, Sept 03, 2020

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As of September 3, 2021 in the Altai Territory, sugar beets harvested from 10% of the crop acreage (2300 hectares), the yield makes 44.6 MT from hectare – at the level of the previous season. 


In the Oryol Region, sugar beet harvesting will begin on September 7.


In Tatarstan, sugar beets were harvested from 4.4 thousand hectares (8.6% of the plan of total 51.1 thousand hectares). Bulk volume collected makes 82.9 thousand tons; average yield – 18.79 MT/ha (last year on the same date – 40.75 MT/ha).


In the Belgorod region, sugar beets were harvested from 0.5 thousand hectares (0.9% of the total area sown– 53.2 thousand hectares); 19.2 thousand tons of beet collected; average yield makes 41.91 MT/ha.


The harvesting of sugar beets has begun in the Penza region. Total sugar beet acreage in the region makes 53.9 thousand hectares.


Due to cloudy and rainy weather, the conditions for the accumulation of sugar in sugar beet are not the best. In August, the duration of sunny hours in the main beet-growing zone was less than the long-term average, Belhydromet reports.



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