Sugar market news from Russia and Kazakhstan, July 21, 2021

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According to the Agricultural Department of the Lipetsk Region, over 550 million rubles have been invested in the region's sugar industry in the first half of this year. Equipment has been updated at 6 sugar factories, including a diffusion pan and vacuum pans. The CHP was reconstructed, were built warehouses for storing sugar and molasses. This year, the regional enterprises are planning to process more than 4 million tons of sugar beets from the 2021 crop. The beginning of the processing season is scheduled for the second decade of August.


In January-April 2021, Kazakh companies provided demand (sales in the domestic market plus export) for sugar by only 42.2%. At the same time, compared to last year it has grown significantly (in 2020 - 7.5%) due to production growth in the corresponding period, according to the local press.



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