Russian and CIS sugar news, Feb 03, 2017

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The funding of implementation of the investment program and preparation of Kursk sugar refineries for the production season has amounted to 2.1 billion rubles in 2016 season. Following the modernization and renovation of nine existing sugar plants the DC on sugar beet increased by 3.5 thousand tons and made up aggregated 30 thousand tons. In 2017-2018 further modernization of production capacity is planned is planned to reach 40 thousand tons of sugar beet per day, according to the administration of Kursk region.


Federal Antimonopoly Service has approved the request of “TambovSaharInvest” to acquire 74% stake in “Tambov Sugar Company”(TSC) – a constructor of a new sugar refinery design with DC 12 000 tons on beet and 1 500 tons on raws.


According to the monitoring of railway shipments by Sugar.Ru for January 2017, Russia has exported 21,100 tons of white sugar by railway, 68% of the volume was dispatched to Kazakhstan. Exports are 27% less than in December 2016 (by volume), but in view of the January to be "a dead" season, it seems a fairly high rate. Dobrinka Sugar Factory (Sucden) has showed and outstanding performance, and has provided more than a quarter of all Russian exports in January. Thus, Russian has delivered to export 105 thousand tons of white beet sugar by rail in the six months from the beginning of the season.


Sugar production in Azerbaijan has increased by 26.7% in 2016 - up to 418.5 thousand tons, according to the State Statistical Committee.


According to the State Statistical Committee, the average consumer price of sugar was 53.57 KGSoms/kg (= RUR 46.44/kg at the current rate of CBR) in December 2016 which is less by 2.81% from previous month and less by 5.64% compared to December 2015.


The sugar mills in Zhambyl region have received more than 101 thousand tons of sugar beet collected from 5 507 hectares in 2016. The average yield was 25.11 MT/ha, gross yield – more than 138 thousand tons, according to the regional administration.


The resolution by the Minister of National Economy has set the quota volume for duty-free import of raw cane sugar at 405 000 tons for domestic consumption in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2017.



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