Russian, Kazakh and Kyrgyz sugar news, May 22, 2019

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As of May 20, 2019, Russia has sown sugar beets on an area of 1.1 million hectares or 99% of the forecast area (in 2018 - 1.1 million hectares).

In the Tambov region, 112,592 thousand hectares (99% from the planned 113,324 thousand hectares) were sown with sugar beets.

"Prodimex" have completed sugar beets sowing campaign in the Voronezh region, having processed 56.2 thousand hectares, which is almost half (44%) of the total area sown by this crop in the region


"Astarta" published a report for the first quarter of 2019. Lower volume sales and prices in the domestic and global markets resulted in decline of the sugar segment revenues by 44% y-o-y to EUR 20 million. In response to the market situation, Ukrainian producers reduced sugar beet sowing area to 220 thousand hectares in this season (according to the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine), including Astarta. The company reduced its area under sugar beet by 12% to 36 thousand hectares.


According to Statkom of Kyrgyzstan, conducted by Sugar.Ru, sugar production increased over the month by 20.57% in April 2019 and has made 21.1 tons (in previous month - 17.5 tons, in April 2018 - 14.7 tons, in April 2017 - 416.3 tons). Total 9723 tons of sugar have been produced in January-April 2019 (in January-April 2018 - 19372 tons).


By May 22, 2019, sowing of sugar beet in Kazakhstan was performed on an area of 19.5 thousand hectares out of 22.8 thousand hectares planned (in 2018 - 19.4 thousand hectares out of 21.5 thousand ha), Sugar.Ru was reported in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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