Russian and CIS sugar news, Dec 17, 2018

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The list of arbitration cases with the largest sugar companies and factories for the period from November 29 to December 15, 2018. The bottom limit of the claim amount is not less than RUR 200 rubles.


As of December 14, 2018, total 11.86 million tons of beets were processed and 1604.9 thousand tons of sugar was produced, reports Ukrtsukor.


According to the data by the customs service of Azerbaijan, processed by Sugar.Ru, in November 2018, exports of sugar and raw sugar amounted to 2.63 thousand tons, in just 11 months of 2018 - 40.77 thousand tons (in 2017 - 60.7 thousand tons) In November 2018, imports of sugar and raw sugar amounted to 33.23 thousand tons in January-November 2018 - 229.61 thousand tons (in 2017 - 349.71 thousand tons).


According to the information of the Association of sugar producers "Belsakhar", as of December 16, 2018, total 3,879.4 thousand tons of sugar beet were processed and 504.6 thousand tons of white sugar was produced. Up to 38.5 thousand tons of sugar beet is processed daily and about 5.0 thousand tons of sugar is produced.



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