Sugar news from Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, Nov 26, 2018

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According to the latest data by the Ministry of Agriculture published on November 22, only 14.9 thousand hectares under sugar beet remains to be harvested as (on November 19 - 14.5 thousand hectares). Bulk harvest has made 41121.1 thousand tons of sugar beet with an average yield of 37.6 MT from hectare, so that from the acreage remaining another 560 thousand tons of beets may be collected, making the national beet harvest to reach 41’681 thousand tons.

According to Soyuzrossahar, a volume of 30’171 thousand tons of sugar beet was processed in Russia by November 21 and 4’519’635 tons of white sugar produced. Current sugar production yield in the last ten days made 15.66% average. Assuming up to 10% losses in the processing of remaining beet and the average yield of sugar falling in time processing by 2%, one can estimate the total sugar production in the current season around 5.93 million tons, to which about 60 thousand tons of sugar from molasses should be added. The forecast for the final sugar production in the season will be about 6 million tons.


According to data by Statkom of Kyrgyzstan, analyzed by Sugar.Ru, sugar production increased over the month by 299.06% and has made 29337.4 tons in October 2018 (in previous month - 7351.7 tons, in October 2017 - 17253.2 tons, in October 2016 - 12611.1 tons). Total 67869 tons of sugar have been produced in January-October 2018 (in January-October 2017 - 54475 tons).


According to Belsakhar, as of November 26, 2018, total 3,081.3 thousand tons of sugar beet were processed, or 73% of the volume of the stock, out of which 400.2 thousand tons of white refined sugar was produced.



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