Sugar news from Russia and Armenia, Sept 28, 2018

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, by September 27, 2018, sugar beet was harvested from the area of 467.9 thousand hectares or 42.2% of the crop acreage (in 2017 - 449.3 thousand hectares).

According to Rosstat, the annual consumption of sugar in Russia is 39 kg per capita in 2018. Until 2014 inclusive Rosstat estimated per capita consumption at 40 kg, and since 2015 - 39 kg a year.


In August 2018, Armenia imported 1,144 tons of sugar and raw sugar (HS Code 1701) for total $ 531.13 thousand and 134 tons of other sugars (HS Code 1702) for $ 86.95 thousand, the National Statistical Service of Armenia reported to


According to the analysis of Statkom of Armenia, conducted by, production of sugar decreased over the month by 74.67% in August 2018 and has made 5.4 thousand tons (in the previous month - 21.2 thousand tons, in August 2017 - 0.0 thousand tons, in August 2016 - 0.0 thousand tons). Total 58 thousand tons of sugar have been produced in January-August 2018 (in January-August 2017 - 49 thousand tons).



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