The industrial stocks of sugar in the Russian Federation during six months of 2018

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The industrial stocks of sugar in the Russian Federation, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, decreased from the peak level of December-2017 to a record for this time of year 1.861 million tons (for comparison in 2017 - 1.815 million tons, in 2016 - 1.345 million tons) during six months of  2018. Thus, the industrial stocks amounted to 554 thousand tons as of end of June-2018, which is only 60 thousand tons higher than the level of a year ago, IKAR reports.

Bankruptcy proceedings against LLC Primorsky Sugar were closed after the main creditors entered into an agreement and withdrew their claims to the company. However, a large Brazilian sugar and raw sugar exporter Wilmar Sugar Pte Ltd continues to sue the Far East enterprise, demanding recovery of $ 7.1 million.


The installation of pulp presses by the firm "Babbini" for pressing pulp after diffusion, is being completed at the Gnidaevsky sugar factory. Newly installed presses will affect the energy efficiency by reducing the diffusion time.

The profitability of sugar beet production was 12.4% in 2017 (24.3% in 2016), according to the Statkom of Ukraine. At the same time, profitability of sugar beet production by farmers is 20.0%. The production of sugar beet in Ukraine amounted to 14,491 thousand tons in 2017, the average yield – 46.55 MT/ha.


Prolongation of state regulation of wholesale and retail prices for sugar until December 23 is associated with cheaper commodity prices in neighboring markets. For 180 days – from January 17 to July 15, 2018 – the temporary state regulation of vacation and retail prices for white sugar was introduced and the level of marginal trade mark-up is limited to 15%. The minimum retail price for sugar is now 1.5 Belarus rubles (about 47.5 Russian rubles.) per 1 kg.



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