Russian and CIS sugar news, Jun 05, 2018

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of Jun 04, 2018, sugar beet was sown on an area of 1134.9 thousand hectares or 103.6% of the forecast (in 2017 – 1174.0 thousand hectares).


NCSP Group (Novorossiysk port) reports that the volume of sugar transshipment amounted to 110.1 thousand tons in January-April of 2018, which is 29.5 thousand tons or 21.2% less than in January-April of 2017.


According to Soyuzrossahar, total 1125 thousand hectares were sown with sugar beet as of Jun 01, which is less by 5% then in previous year (in 2017 - 1180 thousand hectares). Sugar beets sowing campaign has been almost complete in all federal districts.


According to the figures by Williams Brasil dated June 5, 2018, total 8 vessels have been nominated to carry 294694 MT of raw cane sugar in 2018 season from Brazilian seaports to the Black/Baltic seaports with end-receivers in CIS, Georgia and Baltic states. As of today, the volume received and unloaded makes 66500 MT from 2 vessels, based on data.


According to Statkom of Kazakhstan, the wholesale price for white sugar from producers (excluding excises and VAT) amounted to 158872 tenge/ton in May 2018 (or 29920 rubles per ton at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the middle of the reporting month).


According to the opposition press, there is again a shortage of granulated sugar in Turkmenistan. In Daşoguz, sugar price in the markets has increased to 10-11 manats (about 177-195 rubles) per kilogram. In commercial stores, it costs 7 manats (about 124 rubles.) However, it does not always available, and is issued for signing and not more than one kilogram per family.



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