Sugar news from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, May 25, 2018

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According to Rosstat data, processed by Sugar.Ru, the sale of sugar by large and medium-sized wholesale organizations increased to 275750.91 tons in April 2018 (+ 0.44% against the previous month and -4.87% against April last year).


According to the data of Rosstat, processed by Sugar.Ru, the stocks of sugar in wholesale trade decreased to 163395.87 tons in April 2018 (-1.48% against the previous month and + 68.11% against April of the previous year).


According to the data of Soyuzrossahar, on May 23, 2011,total 1104 thousand hectares of sugar beet were sown. In general, the national sugar beet crops will decrease by 65 thousand hectares, or by 5%, as compared to the previous year. According to expert-agronomists, the yield of beet in the Southern FD can be expected around 40.0 MT/ha, which is 18.5% lower than the level of the previous year. The development of crops in the Central FD makes about 10 days, in the Volga FD  - 12-14 days.


A representative of the World Bank said that the liberalization of the exchange rate had led to problems for the sugar factories of Uzbekistan, since the cost of imported raw sugar at local prices doubled, and the cost of the final product, white sugar, remained fixed as a basic food product. As a result, Uzbekistan stopped processing raw sugar and became a major importer of white sugar from Ukraine (according to the railway monitoring data, according to the results of the 2017/18 season, Russia is currently ahead of Ukraine in export of sugar to Uzbekistan, 215,000 tons against 112 thousand tons - Sugar.Ru)


Over the past two weeks, the price of sugar in the Republic of Kazakhstan increased by 17% to 180 thousand tenge/ton ($ 550/ton (excluding VAT)). Participants in the Kazakhstan market note a sharp reduction in inventories. Against the backdrop of growing demand in Kazakhstan, prices in Russia and Kyrgyzstan increased by 8-9% to $ 500 and $ 530/MT (excluding VAT), respectively, Soyuzrossahar Press Service reported.



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