Sugar news from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, May 08, 2018

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According to the figures by Williams Brasil dated May 8, 2018, total 6 vessels have been nominated to carry 212694 MT of raw cane sugar in 2018 season from Brazilian seaports to the Black/Baltic seaports with end-receivers in CIS, Georgia and Baltic states. As of today, the volume received and unloaded makes 66500 MT from 2 vessels, based on data.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, sugar beet was sown on an area of 788.5 thousand hectares or 72% of the forecast by May 7, 2018 (in 2017 - 990.2 thousand hectares).

According to operational data of the FCS, imports of sugar from non-CIS countries amounted to 21.3 million US dollars in April 2018 (probably the FCS includes imports from foreign countries and imports of Belarusian sugar -


Farmers in Khmelnytsky region have completed sugar beet sowing campaign. Total acreage sown makes 31.5 thousand hectares, the regional administration reports.


Since the beginning of the year, sugar has fallen in price by 0.19% - to make UAH 16.11 / kg (38.45 rubles/kg) on May 8, according to the Economic Development Ministry.



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