Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian and Kazakh sugar news, Apr 17, 2018

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According to Soyuzrossahar, total 252.4 thousand hectares of sugar beet were sown by April 16, 2018, (in 2017 - 407.9 thousand hectares). Despite the fact that sowing campaign was started a week later than last year because of unfavorable weather conditions in the Krasnodar Territory, the farms managed to complete the sowing campaign on time. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of April 16, 2018, sugar beet was sown on an area of 252.1 thousand hectares or 23% of the forecast (in 2017 - 407.9 thousand hectares).


According to Gosstat, the average price for white sugar from manufacturers was UAH 9787.84 per ton in March 2018 (23,369.05 rubles/ton at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). In February 2018 the average price was UAH 10073.52/MT (24051.13 rubles/MT).


The Slutsk Sugar Refinery started production of sugar from a syrup extracted during the processing of sugar beets of the past harvest. The processing is planned to be completed before May 1. Out of 40 thousand tons of syrup more than 20 thousand tons of sugar will be received, - said the representative of the plant.


According to the analysis of Statkom of Kazakhstan, conducted by, production of sugar and molasses increased over the month by 8.06% in March 2018 and has made 45573.0 tons (in the last month - 42173.0 tons, in March 2017 - 25605.0 tons, in March 2016 - 38782.0 tons). Total 129600 tons of sugar and molasses have been produced in January-March 2018 (in January-March 2017 - 70028 tons).



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