Top-7 producers of sugar in Ukraine, Mar 23, 2018

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Against the backdrop of problems with Promsvyazbank, the bank controlled «Orion-Invest» company (owner of two sugar factories, Bolshevik and Lgovsky) has actually stopped sugar trade. Employees are largely dismissed (if someone needs qualified personnel!). Will the plants "Orion-Invest" participate in the seed company, is unclear.

It is planned to sow 112 thousand hectares with sugar beet in the Kursk region this season, the regional administration reports. Last season, the area of sugar beet crops was 116.8 thousand hectares.


According to the analysis of figures by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, conducted by Sugar.Ru, for a month of January 2018, exports of white sugar (HS code 170199) amounted to 76,362 tons. The main supplies of white sugar went to Turkey (19.4 thousand tons), Uzbekistan (17.4 thousand tons), Libya (11.6 thousand tons) and Sri Lanka (7.2 thousand tons).

Export of molasses (HS code 1703) amounted to 8 104 tons, the main importer of Ukrainian molasses is Hungary (7.03 thousand tons). Export deliveries of beet pulp (HS code 230320) amounted to 20,505 tons: incl. Italy (10.5 thousand tons), Poland (4.0 thousand tons) and the Republic of Korea (3.6 thousand tons).

Top-7 producers of sugar in Ukraine in last processing season according to "Ukrtsukor":

  1. "Astarta" - 462.9 thousand tons;
  2. "Radekhiv sugar" - 433.1 thousand tons;
  3. "UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO" - 241.3 thousand tons;
  4. "Agrofirma Svitanok" - 103.3 thousand tons;
  5. "ASPIC GROUP" - 85.8 thousand tons;
  6. PANDA - 56.1 thousand tons;
  7. "Hals Agro" - 49.4 thousand tons.



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