Russian and CIS sugar news, Mar 12, 2018

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According to the operational data of the FCS, the import of sugar from non-CIS countries amounted to USD 21.6 million US in February 2018, and in annual terms (compared to February 2017) increased by 33.2%, and in the previous month (January 2018) was USD 15.3 million.

Since March 5, the sole owner of TambovSakharInvest LLC, which owns the company that builds the Mordovian sugar factory, is Alexey Gavrilov, who replaced Vadim Antonov (previously the general director of Tikhoretskagroinvest, as well as the co-owner of the Pavlovsky sugar factory and agrofirma Pavlovskaya plus (the structure of the agroholding named after NI Tkachev - a company close to the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev).

The construction of a sugar factory in Mordovo began in 2008. It was assumed that the plant would be able to process 12 thousand tons of sugar beet, producing 1.5 thousand tons of raw sugar per day. Within ten years, the total investment volume exceeded 10 billion rubles, but the plant is still under construction.

The production of sugar beet in Russia will remain at the current level of approximately 50 million tons by 2030, said the head of the department of horticulture at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Petr Chekmarev.


According to the analysis of National Statistics Office of Georgia, conducted by Sugar.Ru, in January 2018 the import of sugar (HS code 1701) has made $5.4 million ($741.2 thousand in 2017). Export of sugar in January has made $0.0 (in 2017 - $0.0)


According to Statkom of Kazakhstan, the wholesale price of white sugar in February 2018 increased by 2.21% and amounted to 185 Tenge/kg (in 2017 - 232 Tenge/kg, in 2016 - 200 Tenge/kg), or RUR 33.02/kg (at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by the middle of the reporting month).


According to Gosstat, in February 2018, prices for sugar from producers increased by 5.1%, and in annual terms (February 2018 to February 2017) - decreased by 5.8%.



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