Sugar production in January 2018 in Ukraine other news from sugar markets, Mar 07, 2018

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"Cheremnovsky sugar factory" has finished processing of a sugar beet on March 5th. Almost one million tons of sugar beet was processed at the enterprise and more than 133 thousand tons of sugar were produced for the season 2017 - 2018. As a result of implementation of the investment project in the period from 2011 to 2017 the company increased the planned processing capacity from 2.9 to 5.5 thousand of sugar beet per day.

In February 2018 consumer prices for granulated sugar fell by 0.6%, and in annual terms (by February 2017) - by 20.1%, according to Rosstat.


According to Ukrstat, processed by Sugar.Ru, the production of sugar decreased over the month by 79.07% in January 2018 and has made 70.2 thousand tons (in the last month - 335.5 thousand tons, in January 2017 - 10.7 thousand tons). The production of sugar confectionery decreased over the month by 61.30% in January 2018 and has made 5.8 thousand tons (in the last month - 15.0 thousand tons, in January 2017 - 12.2 thousand tons).


"Astarta" plans to build and put into operation a silo for storage of sugar with a capacity of 60 thousand tons at the Narkevichi sugar factory before 2020.

ED&F Man Ukraine freezes the operation of Zaselsky sugar plant for two years. According to the representative of the company, the company sees the profitability of sugar production at a price of at least $ 400 per ton, and now it is $ 360 per ton.


The Aksu sugar refinery was closed for repairs, failing to operate even a year after the opening. Aksu sugar plant was launched after a decade of downtime in November 2017, after a reconstruction worth $ 2 billion Tenge (0.35 billion rubles at the current rate) for from the regional budget.



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