Sugar news from Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, Feb 05, 2018

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Agrosila (owner of Zainsky Sugar Plant) has opened export supplies of sugar and pulp to Morocco, Germany, Norway and to the countries of Central Asia. During the year, 12 thousand tons of sugar and 25 thousand tons of pulp will be sent abroad, the company's press service reports. In 2017 Zainsky Sugar processed 1.4 million tons of sugar beet, which is almost 500,000 tons more than in 2016. The plant received more than 200 thousand tons of granulated sugar, as well as 48.5 thousand tons of molasses and more than 60 thousand tons of granulated beet pulp.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the prices for beet sugar from industrial producers were RUR 26.01/kg on February 1, 2018 (+ 1.3% over the week, + 2.0% by December 2017).


The director for the production of the Ukrainian Farming Company, a division of ED & F Man Ukraine, has become Vladimir Gusev, who previously served as deputy production director.


According to the National Statistics Committee, consumer sugar prices fell by 1.23% in January 2018, compared to previous month and on an annualized basis (January 2018 by January 2017) - by 8.56%.



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