Sugar production in Russia as of January 19, 2018 and news from Belarus

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According to the data of Soyuzrossahar, as of January 19, 2018 Russian sugar refineries have processed 44.7 million tons of sugar beet and produced 6.29 million tons of beet sugar, which is 310,000 tons more than last year. Sugar beet was processed at 27 plants (last year – at 18 plants). About 1.5 million tons of beets are stored at the beet accepting stations and in the field piles, out of which, in view of their condition, from 100 to 150 thousand tons of sugar can be produced.


Trading networks of Belarus have raised the prices for Russian sugar, the minimum price now is 1.5 Br /kg. This is to comply with the resolution of the Antimonopoly Ministry, which set the marginal minimum retail price of white crystalline sugar. To set a price tag below 1.5 rubles per kilogram is prohibited to retail chains even on discount cards and loyalty programs. Prices for sugar will be administrated from January 17 to April 16 (inclusive).



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