Russian, Belarussian and Kyrgyz sugar news, Jan 15, 2018

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GC "Rusagro" reported on the completion of sugar production season. In the season of 2017/2018, the sugar plants of the Rusagro group has worked up to 129 days and produced 857.0 thousand tons of sugar, including 14.7 thousand tons of sugar from the toll beet. In comparison with the same period last year, production growth has made 12%. Gross harvest of sugar beet has reduced by 19.0% due to a decrease in yield to average 37.8 tons/ha (-14% from 2016), and amounted to 3 508.5 thousand tons.

The group of companies "Dominant" appointed Alexander Fadeev, who previously held the position of deputy head of the enterprise on commercial issues, to the position of director of the Cheremnovsky sugar factory controlled by by the group. Over the past four years, this is the fourth director of the sugar factory.


According to the analysis of data by the Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan, conducted by, for December 2017 average consumer sugar prices were 47.90 KGS/kg (-1.41% compared to the previous month, -10.58% YTD and -10.58% by December 2016) or 40.35 rubles/kg at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the middle of the reporting month


The gross harvest of sugar beet in Belarus in 2017 was 4.9 million tons in all types of farms, with an average yield of 49.3 MT from hectare (in 2016 – 44.6 MT/ha), the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus informs.



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