Sugar news from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Jan 12, 2018

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Consumer prices for sugar in Russia increased by 0.3% in the period January 1 to January 9, 2018, according to Rosstat.

According to the rail cargo monitoring data by for January-December 2017, Russia has imported 227,071 MT of sugar. The largest exporting countries to Russia were Belarus (94.49%) and Lithuania (4.67%). Russian exports amounted to 440 386 MT, the main recipient countries were Kazakhstan (33.62%) and Azerbaijan (26.05%).

Domestic shipments amounted to 1 763 775 MT, the largest volume of shipments was performed from Cheremovsky (4.79%) and Kirsanovsky (Crystal) (4.22%) sugar mills. The total transit by rail through the territory of Russia was 242,815 MT.


The government supported the proposal of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to reduce the rates of port charges by 20%, starting from January 1, 2018.

According to Gosstat, in December 2017 the average consumer price of sugar in Ukraine was UAH 15.78/kg (31.62 rubles / kg at the current rate of the Central Bank).


According to the Belarus press, the Ministry of Antimonopoly Development and Trade has disseminated instructions to local retailers to set a minimum price for white sugar: the selling price of ex-shipment (excluding VAT) - 1.19 Belarus rubles (or RUR 33.62), the selling price of ex-works (excluding VAT) - 1.22 Belarus rubles (or RUR 34.47), and the retail price of white refined sugar (VAT included) is 1.5 Belarus rubles (or RUR 42.38). The reason for regulating prices in the sugar market is cheaper Russian sugar, replacing the local Belarusian commodity from counters.



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