Abaout beet sugar production in Russia and imports data from Belarus, Dec 20, 2017

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According to Soyuzrossahar’ figures dated December 20, 2017, the production of sugar beet sugar has made 5.75 million tons, which is more by 500,000 tons than last year. Gross production of sugar beet this year is expected to reach 51.3 million tons, of which 43.2 million tons were delivered to sugar beet acceptance points at sugar plants. About 7 million tons of sugar beets are stored in field piles. The forecast for the production of beet sugar from sugar beet harvested in 2017 may be revised from previous 6.6 to 6.5 million tons. In the season 2016/17 the country has produced 6.16 million tons of beet sugar.


According to the analysis of the data of the FCS of Belarus, conducted by Sugar.ru, in 10 months (January-October) of 2017 the following trade balance was reported: import of cane sugar (HS code 170113) amounted to 40111.0 tons, import of cane sugar (HS code 170114) was 106.0 thousand tons, total imports of raw sugar - 146.1 thousand tons. Export of white sugar (HS code 170199) amounted to 354.0 thousand tons (120.60% compared to the same period in 2016), of which Russia received 198 thousand tons. Import of white sugar for 10 months amounted to 47.5 thousand tons (x15 times vs. the same period in 2016), almost all the volume (45.8 thousand tons) was supplied by Russia.



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