Russian, Armenian and Ukrainian sugar news, Dec 08, 2017

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According to the Federal Customs Service, the import of sugar from non-CIS countries has amounted to 25 million US dollars in November 2017 . In November 2016 the import of sugar from non-CIS countries was 24.7 million US dollars, and last month (October 2017) – 27.5 million US dollars.


The profitability in sugar beet production this year fell from previous 50% to 15-20%, and the price of sugar in dollar terms fell by half. At the same time, such profit is the highest in the whole agricultural sector, Maxim Basov said , the general director of the Rusagro group.


Since the beginning of the season the gross harvest of sugar beet in Khmelnitsky region is 2 million tons, with a yield of 54.0 tons per hectare, which is 9 tons per hectare more than last year. Almost 200 thousand tons of sugar already produced.


In November 2017 the average consumer price of sugar fell by 1.6%, in annual terms - November 2017 by November 2016 - consumer prices for sugar fell by 5.4%, Statkom reports.



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