Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian sugar news, Dec 14, 2020

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The price for white beet sugar from industrial manufacturers was 41.84 rubles / kg on December 2, 2020 (-0.7% per week), according to the Food Safety Monitoring and Forecasting System of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.


In Russia, purchase and retail prices for granulated sugar (36 and 45 rubles / kg, respectively) can be fixed for the first quarter of 2021. This "political task" was set before producers and sellers at a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture. Those wishing to challenge these rules of the game were suggested to revise the film "Liquidation".


According to the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture, the total area under sugar swell will increase by 13.6% and reach 1.050 million hectares, against 924 thousand hectares this year. This will make it possible, under favorable weather conditions, to obtain at least 40 million tons of root crops and to produce about 6 million tons of white sugar.


According to NASU "Ukrtsukor", Ukraine has produced 945.2 thousand tons of sugar and processed 7.11 million tons of sugar beet as of December 11, 2020..


A sugar plant in the Zhambyl region is planned to be launched in 2023, regional authorities report. Work has already begun on the vertical planning of the plant's territory. By the end of the year, it is planned to complete the construction of metal structures, the laying of on-site engineering networks. The project cost is 93 billion tenge. The processing capacity of the plant will be 8 thousand tons of sugar beet per day, and sugar production - 150 thousand tons per year.



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