Sugar beet harvest in Belarus and Russia as of Nov 13, 2020

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of November 13, 2020, sugar beets were harvested from 904.3 thousand hectares, or 97.9% of the area sown; bulk harvest makes 32.9 million tons; average yield is 36.33 MT/ha.


As of November 13, 2020; sugar beet was harvested from 76.7 thousand hectares, or 93.6% of the area sown (in 2019 - 92.9 thousand hectares), the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus told Sugar.Ru. Bulk harvest makes 3719.4 thousand tons (in 2019 - 4810.8 thousand tons), with average yield of 48.51 MT/ha (in 2019 – 51.78 MT/ha). The sucrose content of beets makes average 16.28% against 16.87% on the same date last year.



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