Russian sugar news, Oct 05, 2020

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The price for white beet sugar from industrial producers, was RUR 35.12/kg on September 30, 2020 (+1.9% per week), according to the Food Safety Monitoring and Forecasting System of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of October 2, 2020, sugar beets were harvested from 427.4 thousand hectares, or 46.1% of the area sown; 15.3 million tons of beets collected; average yield makes 35.81 MT/ha.


On October 02, 2020, 16 sugar contracts were sold at NTB. The total volume of sales has made 560 MT at the average price of RUR 42508 / MT (US $ 550.07 / MT at the exchange rate of CBR on date indicated). Trading session closed at $ 548.67 / MT (CFO), $ 561.55 / MT (YFO), $ 548.74 / MT (PFO).



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