Sugar market news from Russia and Belarus, Oct 02, 2020

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of October 1, 2020, sugar beets were harvested from 409.5 thousand hectares, or 44.1% of the area sown, 14.7 million tons collected; average yield makes 35.87 MT/ha.


In the Lipetsk region, as of October 1, 2020, more than 933 thousand tons of sugar beet were harvested from 28 thousand hectares (29%). The average yield is 33.52 MT/ha. Beet processing is carried out at all 6 factories in the region. As of October 1, they have processed over 759 thousand tons of sugar beet and produced more than 120 thousand tons of sugar. Sucrose content continues to grow and is already 20.42%. In the Altai Territory, as of October 2, 2020 sugar beets were harvested from 55% of the crop acreage, bulk harvest amounted to 630 thousand tons. The first million tons of sugar beet was collected in the Tambov region. The crop was harvested from 33 percent of the sown area - 30 thousand hectares. In Tambov over 92 thousand hectares have been sown with sugar beet in 2020. The average yield is 34.1 MT from hectare.


"Agrocomplex" Tkacheva will invest 2.35 billion rubles in the construction and reconstruction of bagasse drying stations at three sugar factories. Following the modernization, the daily volume of dry pulp production at each of the enterprises will grow 2.5 times, up to 250 tons.


On October 01, 2020, 14 sugar contracts were sold at NTB. The total volume of sales has made 520 MT at the average price of RUR 42259/MT (US$536.39/MT at the exchange rate of CBR on date indicated). Trading session closed at $544.52/MT (CFO), $544.52/MT (YFO), $531.82/MT (PFO).


In Belarus, by October 2, 2020, sugar beets were harvested from 22.7 thousand hectares, or 27.6% of the area sown (in 2019 - 36.7 thousand hectares), the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus informed Sugar.Ru. Bulk harvest made 1034.4 thousand tons (in 2019 - 1689.9 thousand tons); average yield makes 45.49 MT/ha (in 2019 – 46.07 MT/ha); sugar content in beet in the republic is 15.73% against 16.47% on the same date last year.


The Skidel Sugar Refinery has started processing beets of the new crop. it is planned to process about 950 thousand tons of raw materials total, from which it is planned to produce 100 thousand. tons of white sugar.



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