Sugar market news from Russia and Belarus, Sept 11, 2020

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On September 10, 2020, 11 sugar contracts were sold at NTB. The total volume of sales has made 480 MT at the average price of RUR 34402/MT (US$ 452.23/MT at the exchange rate of CBR on date indicated). Trading session was closed at US$ 460.09/MT (CFO), US$ 460.09/MT (YFO), US$ 444.36/MT (PFO).


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of September 10, 2020, sugar beets were harvested from 113.5 thousand hectares or 12.2% of the sown area, 4.2 million MT of beet collected; average yield makes 36.87 MT/ha. In Tatarstan, sugar beets were harvested from 8.0 thousand hectares or 16% of the sown area (in 2019 - 9.1 thousand hectares), collected - 328.3 thousand MT (in 2019 - 401.0 thousand MT); average yield makes 41.25 MT/ha (in 2019 - 44.19 MT/ha).


According to the analysis of the FCS data, conducted by Sugar.Ru, Russia imported 11.3 thousand MT of white sugar in July 2020. According to the results of 7 months of 2020, the import of white sugar to the Russian Federation amounted to 115.0 thousand MT (-27% compared to 2019). In addition, in January-July 2020, Russia imported 3.3 thousand tons of raw sugar (-9.8% compared to 2019). Imports of so called "brown sugar" are included in the raw sugar data. 


In August 2020 (compared to the previous month), the consumer price index of granulated sugar in the country increased by 0.04%, and since the beginning of the year (compared to December 2019) - by 0.70%. The average consumer price of granulated sugar in August was BYN 1.53/kg (RUR 45.18/kg at the average rate of the CBR on August 2020).



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