Russian and CIS sugar news, Sept 08, 2020

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Sugar beet harvesting started on September 1 in Bashkortostan. On September 5, the Chishminsky sugar plant began processing the crop; Raevsky plant plans to start on September 11. The average yield of sugar beet is 40.0 MT from 1 hectare; sucrose content – 15-17% (higher by 1.5% than in the previous year). According to the data of the republican Ministry of Agriculture, "Chishminsky sugar plant" this year plans to process about 700 thousand tons of sugar beet, "Raevsakhar" – at least 500 thousand tons of sugar beet.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of September 7, 2020, sugar beets were harvested from 84.1 thousand hectares, or 9.1% of the area sown; total 3.1 million tons of beet collected; average yield makes 37.4 MT/ha.


In January-July 2020, the total sales of sugar produced in the country amounted to UAH 5479.0 million excluding VAT and excise (RUR 14,571.18 million at the average rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for 2020). Of which, the volume of sugar sold outside the country amounted to UAH 255.4 million (about RUR 679.22 million), which accounts for 4.7% of the total sales.


In the Balkan velayat (which occupies 28.5% of the territory of Turkmenistan) total 3 thousand hectares of land were sown with sugar beet, from which it is planned to harvest 20 thousand tons.



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