Russian sugar news, June 17, 2020

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Zainsky Sugar OJSC plans to process more than 1.1 million tons of sugar beets, produce 166 thousand tons of sugar, 45 thousand tons of molasses and 53 thousand tons of granulated beet pulp in 2020-season, the company’s press service reports.


In May2020, the production of beet sugar reached 131.9 thousand tons, which is 3.4 times more than in May 2019 and by 40.4% more than in April 2020, Rosstat reports.


The website of the Voronezh Arbitration Court has published the operative part of the resolution on case No.A64-7909/2019 (GC Rusagro v. Agrosnabsahar), according to which the amicable agreement between the companies is as follows:

  • LLC Rusagro Group of Companies waives a lawsuit against LLC Agrosnabsahar in case No. A64-7909 / 2019 for damages for total 1,119,183,372.61 rubles.
  • LLC Agrosnabsahar undertakes to pay LLC Rusagro Group of Companies a cash amount totaling 450,000,000 (four hundred and fifty million) rubles until December 31, 2020.



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