Sugar market news from Russia and CIS countries, May 06, 2020

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of April 30, 2020, sugar beet was sown in Russia on an area of 697.7 thousand ha, or 73.8% of the projected area.


By May 6, 2020, sugar beet planting in Kazakhstan was completed on an area of 17.4 thousand ha out of 20.9 thousand ha planned (in 2019 - 13.1 thousand ha of 19.6 thousand ha), Sugar.Ru was informed in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The sugar factory in Falesti may resume operation, the President of Moldova Igor Dodon has announced at a meeting with the district authorities. The company has closed about six months ago due to unprofitability.


As of May 4, 2020, sugar beet sowing was carried out on an area of 179 thousand ha out of the planned 209 thousand ha, the Ministry of Economic Development reports. In the Chernihiv region of Ukraine, sowing of sugar beets on an area of 4.8 thousand hectares was completed, which made 102% of the forecasted volume.


The first trading session on sugar exports took place at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUTB). According to the results of the pilot trading session, more than 2 thousand tons of beet sugar for total value of about 560 thousand USD were sold to the Republic of Kazakhstan, the BUTB press service reported.


The President of Turkmenistan signed a decree on the production of sugar beet this year. Total 17 thousand 900 hectares of farmland are allocated for the crop in the country, from which it is planned to receive at least 224 thousand tons of sugar beets.



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