Sugar market news from Russia and Ukraine, Mar 03, 2020

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The export of raw beet sugar to Uzbekistan continued in February 2020, with 9.8 thousand tons of raw beet delivered from Dobrinsky sugar plant. In just 2 months of 2020, 21.0 thousand tons of raw beetroot were delivered to Uzbekistan, all from Dobrinsky sugar plant (in 2019 - 12.2 thousand tons in October-December 2019).


According to Sugar.Ru railway monitoring data, in February 2020, Russia exported 88.4 thousand tons of white sugar. The leader in the import of Russian sugar was Kazakhstan - 31.9 thousand tons, followed by Tajikistan - 16.7 thousand tons, and Azerbaijan - 9.4 thousand tons including 201 tons of sugar, eventually, delivered farther on to Iran.


In February 2020, 42 sugar plants have supplied sugar for export by rail, the leaders were: Uspensky (9.1 thousand tons), Chishminsky (7.0 thousand tons) and Olkhovatsky plants (6.7 thousand tons). The ranking of exporting holdings in December is as follows: Prodimex (44.3 thousand tons), Dominant (31.1 thousand tons) and Rusagro (16.8 thousand tons). Rusagro export of 9.8 thousand tons of raw beet sugar should be taken into account (making total of 26.6 thousand tons).


Agricultural enterprises of all types of ownership sold sugar at an average of 8858.5 UAH / ton in January 2020 (about 22560 rubles/MT) (excluding VAT, transportation, shipping costs), the State Statistics Service reports. Compared to January 2019, sugar prices fell by 0.6%. In January, farmers sold 63.4 thousand tons of sugar, which is 28.8% more than in January 2019.


According to Sugar.Ru railway monitoring data, in February 2020 Ukraine delivered 271 tons of white sugar transit Russia from the Orzhidsky sugar plant to Turkmenistan. In February 2019 the transit of Ukrainian sugar by the Russian rail was 11.7 thousand tons.



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