Sugar market news from Russia and CIS countries, Nov 18, 2019

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Tatarstan has completed harvesting sugar beets, the RT administration reports. Bulk harvest has made 2.8 million tons at average field yield of 44.1 MT/ha - one of the highest for all years of crop manufacture. 1.53 million tons or 55% were transported to the plants. All three republican enterprises operate in normal mode. About 17 thousand tons of raw materials are being processed daily. Since the beginning of the season 189 thousand tons of refined granulated sugar was produced. Processing is scheduled to be completed in January 2020.


Sugar beet was harvested from an area of 31.5 thousand hectares the Stavropol Territory or 99% of the plan (31.6 thousand hectares) according to operative data as of November 15, 2019. Gross harvest has made 1679.9 thousand tons or 107% vs. 2018 (2018 - 1568.1 thousand tons), average field yield – 53.27 MT/ha or 109% vs. 2018 (2018 – 48.85 MT/ha), the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture reports. Sugar beets are delivered for processing to JSC Stavropolsahar. From the beginning of the season total 526.5 thousand tons were received, 404.3 thousand tons were processed, average sucrose content – 17.8%.


As of November 15, 2019, sugar beets were collected from an area of 1.1 million hectares or 97.1% of the area sown (in 2018 - 1.1 million hectares), bulk volume of 52.3 million tons was harvested (in 2018 - 40, 6 million tons); average filed yield makes 47.01 MT/ha (in 2018 – 37.3 MT/ha).


The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia decided to reduce the area under sugar beet in 2020, which will be 15% of total crop acreage. The largest decline is expected in the Voronezh and Tambov regions, as well as in the Republic of Bashkortostan.


As of November 15, 2019, 7.39 million tons of beets were processed and 1099.4 thousand tons of sugar were produced, Ukrtsukor reports.


Belarusian agrarians have finished harvesting sugar beets. Over 4 million 850 thousand tons of sugar beets were collected this season (in 2018 – 4 million 790 thousand tons), the average yield is 52.08 MT/ha (last year – 48.5 MT/ha). Sucrose content in beet – 16.87%. About 86% of the harvested beet (4 million 166 thousand tons) were delivered to beet collection points.


According to the analysis of data by the Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan, conducted by Sugar.Ru, for October 2019 average consumer sugar prices were 43.38 KGS / kg (-2.75% compared to the previous month, -9.39% YTD and -11.90% by October 2018) or 39.91 rubles / kg at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the middle of the reporting month.



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