The development of sugar beet crops in Russia as of July 21, 2019 and other sugar news, July 24, 2019

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According to Soyuzrossahar, the dynamics of growth of sugar beet in trial plots in beet-growing farms, according to sugar refineries as of 07/21/2019 in Russia is average as follows:

  • Beet weight - 261 g (in 2018 - 218 g, in 2017 - 235 g),
  • Tops weight  248 (in 2018 - 234 g, in 2017 - 344 g),
  • Sucrose content - 13.33% (in 2018 - 12.20%, in 2017 - 11.88%.).


The Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan is preparing new amendments to the Tax Code, including the introduction of VAT exemptions for producers of sugar and sugar beet.


The stabilization fund of the Almaty region of Kazakhstan starts selling sugar at a price 10-15 percent lower than the market. This intervention is driven by high product prices.


According to figures by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, processed by Sugar.Ru, Ukraine produced 2.2 thousand tons of sugar confectionery in June 2019 (-47.3% compared to the previous month and -25.8% compared to June 2018). The production of sugar confectionery in January-June 2019 amounted to 21.6 thousand tons (-22.6% by 2018).



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