Sugar market news from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, May 20, 2019

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According to the press service of Rusagro Group of Companies, company sales decreased by 62 thousand tons or 37% in the first 3 months of 2019 (compared to the first quarter of 2018) mainly due to a decline in sugar sales. The decrease in revenue was partially offset by a 31% increase in sugar sales prices. For 3 months of 2019, the company made investments of 1,367 million rubles in the construction of a second line of (in 2018: 700 million rubles), and another 1 953 million rubles in the modernization of sugar factories and in the agriculture division (in 2017: 6 619 million rubles.)


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of May 17, 2019, Russia has sown with sugar an area of 1.1 million hectares or 98.5% of the forecast area (in 2018 - 1.1 million hectares).


By May 20, 2019, sowing of sugar beet in Kazakhstan was performed on an area of 19.4 thousand hectares out of 22.8 thousand hectares planned (in 2018 - 19.4 thousand hectares out of 21.5 thousand ha), Sugar.Ru was reported in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In January-April 2019 Ukrainian enterprises sold 255.9 thousand tons of white beet sugar (+ 0.9% by 2018). These figures were reported to in the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. The average selling price of sugar amounted to UAH 8936.9 per ton (21610.67 rubles/MT - at the average rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for 2019), which is 4.9% less than in 2018. The price is indicated without VAT, subsidies, transportation, forwarding and overhead costs.


According to the analysis of data by the Federal Customs Service of Ukraine, conducted by Sugar.Ru, in 3 months (January - March) 2019, export of white sugar (HS code 170199) made total 103 974 MT, in March only - 29 824 MT. The main importer white sugar from Ukraine - Azerbaijan (16 515 MT). Export of beet pulp (HS code 230320) made total 68 353 MT, in March only - 20 152 MT. The main importer beet pulp from Ukraine - Saudi Arabia (38 256 MT).



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