Russian and CIS sugar news, Apr 19, 2019

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Russia has accused Kazakhstan of violating the regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union while importing sugar to free economic zones. In April 2018, Kazakhstan agreed to change national legislation and abolish the privilege, allowing its enterprises registered as free warehouses to export free of duty confectionery and non-alcoholic beverages, which contain imported sugar, outside the free economic zone. However, in December 2018, the government of Kazakhstan, as Mr. Bodin of the Eurasian Sugar Association has pointed out, “in violation of the agreements” resumed the privilege for duty-free imports of white sugar in the finished product until January 1, 2020. The differences of the two countries should be discussed at the end of April by the prime ministers.


The Eurasian Economic Union is trying to block sugar deliveries from the EU to the Kaliningrad region and further to the rest of Russia, said Anton Alikhanov, the governor of the Kaliningrad region. In his opinion, such actions will lead to the transfer of local confectionery enterprises to Belarus.


Zhytomyr region has almost completed the sowing campaign with 13.5 thousand hectares, or 99% of the forecast sown with sugar beet by the report date. In the Rivne region, sugar beet sowing has already ended with total 11.3 thousand hectares sown.


By April 19, 2019 Belarusian farmers have seeded 66.1 thousand hectares with sugar beet, which is 68.9% of the plan (last year - 20.7 thousand hectares, 21%).


According to Statkom of Kyrgyzstan, conducted by Sugar.Ru, sugar production decreased over the month by 38.16% in March 2019 and has made 17.5 tons (in previous month - 28.3 tons, in March 2018 - 12.2 tons, in March 2017 - 11567.2 tons). Total 9702 tons of sugar have been produced in January-March 2019 (in January-March 2018 - 19358 tons).



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