Russian and Ukrainian sugar news, Mar 22, 2019

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According to the operational data of the Federal Customs Service, sugar imports from foreign countries amounted to US$ 21.6 million in February 2019. At the same time, the value of the amount of sugar imported in January at an annual rate (by February 2018) decreased by 0.7%. These figures were sounded to Sugar.Ru by the officer from the Federal Customs Service of Russia (Looks like the FCS includes imports of Belarusian sugar in total imports from foreign countries - Sugar.Ru).


In February 2018 sugar imports from non-CIS countries amounted to $ 21.7 million, whereas last month (in January 2019) it was $ 16.4 million.


Saratov region plans to sow 10.7 thousand hectares with sugar beet in 2019. The total arable land will exceed 3.9 million hectares this year, of which 10.7 thousand hectares will be allotted for sugar beet. It is planned to produce 351 thousand tons of sugar beet.


Agrarians of Mlinovsky district, Rivne region, have launched sugar beet sowing season. As of March 21, over 180 hectares were sown, according to the APR department of the Rivne region.



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