Sugar news from Russia and Azerbaijan, Mar 15, 2019

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The acreage of sugar beet in 2019 will remain at the level of previous year, which will ensure the production of sugar at the level of 5.9 million tons (domestic consumption usually does not exceed 5.8 million tons) - the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Patrushev said.


According to the figures from the customs service of Azerbaijan, processed by Sugar.Ru, exports of sugar and raw sugar amounted to 2.79 thousand tons in February 2019, in just 2 months of 2019 - 4.88 thousand tons (in 2018 - 4.23 thousand tons) In February 2019, imports of sugar and raw sugar amounted to 24.25 thousand tons in January-February 2019 — 55.79 thousand tons (in 2018 — 16.68 thousand tons).



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