Sugar price monitoring for the period from 14.02.2019 to 21.02.2019 from Russia and news from Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, Feb 21, 2019

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According to price monitoring data for the period from 14.02.2019 to 21.02.2019 the US dollar rate increased by 0.3% (on 14.02 - RUR 65.68/$, on 21.02 - RUR 65.86/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by 1.90 RUR/kg (+5.37%), Krasnodar wholesale price increased by 2.00 RUR/kg (+5.97%). US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by $0.027/kg (+5.01%), Krasnodar wholesale price increased by $0.029/kg (+5.69%).

Last week, the increasing wholesale prices for sugar decided to "play in the swing" and, by reaching 35 RUR/kg, began to decline. If on February 12 the price (EXW Krasnodar) fell to a local minimum of 33 RUR/kg, then by February 19 it rose to 36 RUR/kg, and today it fell to 35 RUR/kg, both in Krasnodar and from plants of the Central Russia. What it is, a return to low prices or a correction after a significant increase is not yet clear. Considering that there are daily news from the fields about an increase in the acreage of sugar beets, we will cautiously suppose that a further decrease in prices seems more likely.

According to railway monitoring data, in the two halves of February 2019, Russia imported 15.9 thousand MT of sugar from Belarus and Ukraine (1300 tons from Radekhovsky sugar plant was shipped to Kaliningrad). Exports are still low; in 20 days, total 5.2 thousand tons of white sugar was exported by rail to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. From the beginning of February, 10.0 thousand tons of sugar passed through the territory of Russia: 8.9 thousand tons of Ukrainian and 1.2 thousand tons of Belarusian cargo. The main recipient of that transit was Azerbaijan - 6.8 thousand tons.

The vessel with raw sugar, intended for Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, still is in the roadstead in the port of Novorossiysk. Instead of it, another vessel with 31 thousand tons of raw sugar on board went to Azerbaijan, and, according to preliminary data, perhaps there is another one with 15 thousand tons on board.


According to Statkom of Kyrgyzstan, conducted by, sugar production decreased over the month by 62.05% in January 2019 and has made 9655.8 tons (in previous month - 25444.8 tons, in January 2018 - 16471.7 tons, in January 2017 - 10701.3 tons).


According to the analysis of data by National Statistics Office of Georgia, conducted by, in January 2019 the import of sugar (white and raw) (HS code 1701) has made $1.5 million ($5.4 million in 2018). Export of sugar (white and raw) in January has made $0.0 (in 2018 - $0.0).



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