Russian and Kazakh sugar news, Jan 16, 2019

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ROS AGRО PLC has announced the end of sugar production season. In season 2018/2019 plants of the Group operated for up to 109 days and produced 753.9 thousand tons of sugar. Output has decreased by 11% in comparison to the previous season. During the season the Group has processed 5.2 million tons of sugar beet with an average sugar content of 18%. During 2018, the Group also produced 33.6 thousand tons of sugar from molasses. At the end of the year, sugar stocks are estimated at 651.3 thousand tons.


According to the analysis of Statkom of Kazakhstan, conducted by Sugar.Ru, production of sugar and molasses increased over the month by 102.35% in December 2018 and has made 59218.0 tons (in previous month - 29265.0 tons, in December 2017 - 47677.0 tons, in December 2016 - 38293.0 tons). Total 283134 tons of sugar and molasses have been produced in January-December 2018 (in January-December 2017 - 379690 tons).



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