Sugar price monitoring data from Russia and news Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Dec 20, 2018

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According to preliminary estimates, 41.1 million tons of sugar beet were harvested in 2018 (-20.9% by 2017), according to the Rosstat.

According to Sugar.Ru price monitoring data for the period from 13.12.2018 to 20.12.2018 the US dollar rate increased by 1,0% (on 13.12 - RUR 66,42/$, on 20.12 - RUR 67,11/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar has not changed from previous 38,50 RUR/kg, Krasnodar wholesale price remained at 36,80 RUR/kg. US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar dropped by $0,006 /kg (-1,03%), Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by $0,006 /kg (-1,08%).

The market of wholesale sugar continues to stay still. There is lack of both demand and sellers' attempts to stimulate it. Sales volumes decreased by an order at the stock exchange. The revival of trade before the New Year holidays, traditional in the past, does not happen the third year running.

According to Soyuzrossahar, on December 17, the sugar refineries of the Russian Federation produced 5.44 million tons of white sugar since the start of the season. Current production yield of sugar from beets is 15.45%. The stocks of sugar beet in factories’ warehouses is 1379 thousand tons, and almost as much in field storage piles. Given the production rate of ajround 15%, this will be another 390 thousand tons, totaling 5.83 million tons of white sugar, to which about 70 thousand tons of sugar from molasses should be added, making 5.9 million tons of sugar production in current season.

According to Sugar.Ru railway monitoring data, in December 2018, total 24.3 thousand tons of white sugar were imported in 20 days, almost all from Belarus. Export rates have increased slightly, but still remain low; at the beginning of the month, only 7.5 tjhousand tons were exported, of which 6.8 thousand tons were exported to Kazakhstan. The transit of sugar by the Russian rail since the beginning of December is 22.6 thousand tons, while for the whole of November - 65 thousand tons. Half of the transit shipments are Ukrainian exports to Uzbekistan.


According to an analysis of the EAEU data for Kazakhstan conducted by Sugar.Ru, in October 2018, import of sugar (HS code 1701) was 27.43 thousand tons. Total imports in January - October 2018 made 352.58 thousand tons (in 2017 - 374.68 thousand tons of sugar.)


Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine sold 929 598.7 tons of sugar in January-November 2018, which is 28.5% more than in January-November 2017. The average selling price amounted to UAH 8907.5 / ton (about RUR 20,557/MT), excluding VAT (-24.6% by 2017), Statcom RU reports.



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