Russian and Ukrainian sugar news, Dec 07, 2018

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Rusagro plans to launch a desugarisation station for beet molasses at the Chernyansky sugar factory. At present, 70 thousand tons of sugar is produced in Russia from molasses, including 39 thousand at Rusagro plants in Voronezh and Tambov regions.

The new station will operate at full scale by February 1, 2020 and will allow Rusagro to produce an additional 70 thousand tons of sugar per year. Rusagro will channel RUR 2 billion of its own funds for the project, the remaining RUR 3.7 billion the company will receive through a preferential loan through the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the Federal Customs Service, Russia imported 97.2 thousand tons of white sugar, in October 2018. Following the results of 10 months, the import of white sugar to the Russian Federation amounted to 234.6 thousand tons (+ 8.1% by 2017). In addition, in January-October 2018, Russia imported 4.8 thousand tons of raw sugar (-75.7% by 2017).


According to the analysis of data by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine for 11 months (January-November) of 2018, conducted by Sugar.Ru: sugar exports (code TNVED 1701) amounted to 69976 tons in November 2018, from the beginning of 2018 - 525869 tons (in January-November 2017 - 484915 tons). The largest importers of sugar from Ukraine in monetary terms were: Uzbekistan (51.03%), Libya (9.1%) and Turkey (8.8%).



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