The production of sugar in Ukraine in October 2018

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Consumer prices for sugar increased by 0.8% in November 20-26 2018 in Russia, and from the beginning of the year - by 23.6%, according to Rosstat.

Prodimex Group of Companies plans to produce about 650 thousand tons of sugar at the plants of the Voronezh Region.

According to Sugar.Ru price monitoring, for the period from 11/22/2018 to 11/29/2018 the dollar exchange rate rose by 1.5% (on November 22, 65.95 rubles / $, on November 29, 66.94 rubles / $). The ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by 0.20 rubles / kg (+ 0.51%), the Krasnodar wholesale price did not change, remaining at the level of 37.00 rubles / kg. The Moscow dollar wholesale price for sugar dropped by $ 0.005 / kg (-0.85%), the Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by $ 0.008 / kg (-1.43%).

Over the past week, wholesale prices for sugar from manufacturers remained stable, or dropped slightly. The market demand is low; on November 28, only 140 tons of sugar was sold at the NTB exchange at a price of 37.2. Currently, the working price in Krasnodar and the Central Federal District is about RUR 37 per kg. Where will the price go next is difficult to predict, any scenario is possible.

The first information comes about the planned sugar beet crops, and the acreage in 2019 is expected no less than this season.

According to Sugar.Ru railway monitoring data, in 29 days of November 2018, Russia imported 33.1 thousand tons of white sugar, coming close to the record of the last 4 years - 33.6 thousand tons were imported in February 2016. Excluding 2 cars of Lithuanian sugar for delivery to Kaliningrad, the rest of the volume was supplied by Belarus. Exports continued to fall, from the beginning of the month only 11.2 thousand tons of sugar were exported (10.3 to Kazakhstan). The white sugar transit by the Russian railway continues to grow, from the beginning of November a total of 64.3 thousand tons were delivered, of which 51.5 thousand tons were supplied by Ukraine. The main recipient of transit sugar is Uzbekistan (39.2 thousand tons).


According to Ukrstat data, processed by Sugar.Ru, the production of sugar has made 681677.0 MT in October 2018 (in previous month - 263021.0 MT, in October 2017 - 721071.0 MT). Total 1015064 MT of sugar have been produced in January-October 2018 (in January-October 2017 - 1017580 MT). The stocks of sugar increased to 542153,0 MT in October 2018 (+239.94% vs. previous month and +12.56% vs. October 2017).

The production of beet pulp has made 2371975.0 MT in October 2018. Total 3645496 MT of beet pulp have been produced in January-October 2018 (in January-October 2017 - 1097587 MT). The production of molasses has made 681677.0 MT in October 2018. Total 1015064 MT of molasses have been produced in January-October 2018 (in January-October 2017 - 1017580 MT).



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