Sugar price monitoring data from Russia and news from Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, Nov 15, 2018

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According to price monitoring data for the period from 08.11.2018 to 15.11.2018 the US dollar rate increased by 2.9% (on 08.11 - RUR 66.09/$, on 15.11 - RUR 68.00/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar has not changed from the level of 39.00 RUR/kg, Krasnodar wholesale price increased by 0.70 RUR/kg (+1.92%). US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar dropped by $0.016 /kg (-2.71%), Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by $0.005 /kg (-0.91%).

Last week, the decline of wholesale prices for sugar has stopped, and they started to grow by RUR 0.20-0.30/kg per day, but the prospects for such growth are not yet clear. Market participants stress low final demand for sugar. In addition, FAS announced the investigation of price increases this season and it does not contribute to the desire of producers to drastically raise prices. A number of companies have not yet returned to the market, in anticipation of high prices.

Some of sugar factories have finished processing sugar beet, incl. Nurlatsky, Kanevsky, Timashevsky, Korenovsky, Tikhoretsky, Vyselkovsky, Gulkevichsky, Dinskaya, Labinsky, Ust-Labinsky

According to railway monitoring data, in the first half of November 2018 Russia imported 17.4 thousand tons of refined sugar, the rate of imports is higher than in any other month in the last 4 years. Export of white sugar by rail in November continues to remain low is caused by high domestic prices for sugar (5.6 thousand tons, to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). The pace of transit of white sugar in the Russian railway continues to grow, for 15 days in November transit amounted to 37.9 thousand tons, despite the fact that 57 thousand tons passed through in October and 22.3 thousand tons in September. The main supplier of transit sugar is Ukraine (total 29.8 thousand tons, of which 22.1 thousand tons to Uzbekistan).

A survey on the sugar price forecast for February 1, 2019, conducted by, showed that the most popular price expectations for this date are RUR 39-41 rubles / kg (around US$ 0.6 / kg at current rate of exchange).


As of November 13, 2018 total 12.6 million tons of sugar beet were harvested from 256 thousand hectares (96%) with average yield of 49.2 MT from hectare. Total 9.06 million tons of beets were processed and 1199.7 thousand tons of sugar were produced at 40 sugar factories operated during the season, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Ukrtsukor.

In October 2018, the average consumer price of sugar in Ukraine was UAH 14.49/kg (or RUR 33.93/kg at the average monthly rate of the Central Bank in October 2018), the State Statistics Service reports.


According to the analysis of data by the Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan, conducted by, for October 2018 average consumer sugar prices were 49.24 KGS / kg (+6.29% compared to the previous month, +2.78% YTD and +0.61% by October 2017) or 44.89 rubles / kg at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the middle of the reporting month



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