Russian and Ukrainian sugar news, Nov 06, 2018

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According to the figures by Williams Brasil dated November 6, 2018, total 11 vessels have been nominated to carry 408894 MT of raw cane sugar in 2018 season from Brazilian seaports to the Black/Baltic seaports with end-receivers in CIS, Georgia and Baltic states. As of today, the volume received and unloaded makes 368894 MT from 10 vessels, based on data.

The auction to sell Dinsksakhar LLC property was declared invalid due to the lack of bids. The offer at the auction included workshops, non-residential real estate and other real estate of the sugar factory, as well as vehicles and equipment.


By November 5, 2018 the country has harvested 11.2 million tons of sugar beet from 231 thousand hectares (83%) at an average yield of 48.8 MT from hectare, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. 40 sugar factories started the season, 7.87 million tons of beets were processed and 1,032.3 thousand tons of sugar was produced, reports Ukrtsukor.

Mriya Farming PLC (Great Britain) is specialized in growing crops in Ukraine, including sugar beet and SALIC UK Ltd (Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company, Great Britain) have finalized the sale and purchase deal of most of agricultural assets of the Mriya group.

In January-September 2018, the total volume of sales of sugar produced in the country amounted to UAH 9 328.7 million excluding VAT and excise (about 21 787 million rubles at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation), of which sugar for UAH 866.8 million (9.3%) was sold outside the country.

According to operational data of "Ukrtsukor", as of November 5, 2017, total 1,032.3 thousand tons of sugar was produced out of 7.87 million tons of sugar beet processed, which is 2.5% less than last year. "Ukrtsukor" forecasts sugar production in the current season at the level of 2 million tons.



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