Sugar news from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Oct 12, 2018

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, sugar beet was harvested from 714 thousand hectares or 64.4% of the crop area as of October 11, 2018, (in 2017 – 725.2 thousand hectares).

According to the analysis of customs declarations of FCS conducted by Sugar.Ru, in August 2018 Russia has exported 427.8 thousand tons of molasses. According to the results of 8 months of molasses export campaign, Russia has shipped out 427.8 thousand tons (in 2017 - 341.6 thousand MT; in 2016 - 227.5 thousand MT). In the period January - August 2018, the main countries importers of molasses from Russia were TURKEY (51.45%) and SPAIN (16.11%).


A record harvest of sugar beet is anticipated this season in Vinnitsa region; average field yield is 54.3 MT/ha (in 2017 – 47.7 MT/ha, in 2016 – 49.1 MT/ha). In Ukraine 116 thousand hectares of sugar beet were harvested by October 11, bulk volume harvested makes 5.6 million tons (41%); in the second week of October the average field yield of sugar beet was 48.7 MT/ha (in 2017, by the same date – 43.1 MT/ha), informs the Ministry on agrarian policies.

According to the balances by the Discussion Economic Club, the stocks of white sugar are estimated at 704 thousand tons by October 1, 2018, which is 1.8 times higher than last year. The estimate of sugar production in the season 2018/2019 remained unchanged from the previous month - 1.9 million tons.


By October 12, 2018, sugar beet was harvested from an area of 52.9 thousand hectares or 53.1% of the area sown (in 2017 - 51.6 thousand hectares), Sugar.Ru was informed in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus. About 2343.9 thousand MT (in 2017 - 2378.5 thousand MT) of beets were collected, with an average yield of 44.29 MT/ha (in 2017 – 46.13 MT/ha). The beet sugar content in the republic is 1384.3% versus 1618% for the same date last year.



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